100% AC Electric 36 or 48 Volt
2500 / 3000 / 3000 / 3500 / 4000 / 4500 / 5000 lbs
(1250 / 1500 / 1500 / 1750 / 1815 / 2050 / 2270 kg)


Manufacturing, Warehousing & Shipping/Receiving


Aisle space is always at a premium. So the 100% AC ESX is not only designed to be fast, energy efficient and inexpensive to operate, we also made sure that your operators can use the ESX to negotiate those tighter spaces. “Well-Engineered" would be an understatement, so let's go with… “Tenacious".

100% AC System

Fewer Parts & Minimum Wear = Less Downtime = Higher ROI

Enclosed, brushless smart lift lock out

Thermal & stall protection

One motor for both steering and hydraulics

No Brushes to Change or Commutator to Turn…Ever

Heavy Duty Drive Motors and Axles

“Best in Class" Power

Larger motors = cooler operation = increased efficiency

Easily Serviceable and Accessible

True Multifunction Control

CLARK Designed Control Handle

3-function design allows simultaneous operation of (1) travel, (2) lift or lower and (3) one other hydraulic function

Integrated Mini Thumbstick

Controls tilt and side shift + auxiliary function

Two-way fork leveling [thumbstick + right button] (see Product Enhancement Package)

“Custom Fit" Feel

Molded to fit a wide range of hand sizes for better ergonomics and less operator fatigue

Enclosed Electromagnetic Brakes

Spring Applied/EM Release

No master cylinder, no seals, no hydraulic fluids = no leaks

Anti-Rollaway and Ramp Hold Feature

Increased controllability and enhanced safety

On the Fly Self-Checking Software

Increased controllability and enhanced safety

Rebuildable, Easily Serviceable

Fully Adjustable/Programmable

Completely Customize Parameters to Operator's Preference

Acceleration rate, decelaration rate and separate FW/RV max speed

Product Enhancement Package

Two-Way Fork Leveling

Levels backward and forward reducing broken pallets or bent racks

Full Range of Tilt

Full forward tilt when forks are low allowing for broken pallet pick up and general chiseling operation

Faster Tilt Speeds

Allows for faster cycle times when forks are low

Travel Speed Reduction

Limits the speed of the truck when the forks are elevated to promote safer operation when dealing with high loads

Electro-Hydraulic Fully Proportional Valve

Featherable / Adjustable / Sealed

Pump motor speed ramps to match hydraulic requirements


No mechanical linkage = no wear

Less battery use and no overheating

Increases ease of operation and allows faster cycle times

Easily Accessible and Serviceable

Upright & Carriage

Maximum Visibility

Nested I-channel allows space for cylinders, hoses and chains

Hydraulic Cushioning Valve

Silent staging reduces shock and vibration

Shimmable, Sealed & Canted Rollers

Carriage has 6 rollers to maximize load distribution and reduce free play

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Operator Manuals

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