Your Forklift Might Not Have a Dashboard Check Engine Light – But That Doesn’t Mean it Shouldn’t!

Forklift Preventative Maintenance Near Me

Most car owners understand and appreciate the importance of following their scheduled maintenance program. However, when it comes to materials handling equipment, there isn’t a red light indicator that comes on to tell you when it is time to call for a service appointment. Preventative Maintenance is really the only way to ensure that your equipment is in good working order. Without it, there is a good likelihood that a small issue can go unaddressed and lead to the need for a costly repair. But instead of simply Googling “forklift preventative maintenance near me,” choose Ardent to get the best for your maintenance dollar.

Not all Mechanics are Equal

Most people wrongly assume that mechanics can fix anything, whether they are specifically trained for different types of equipment or not. The materials handling industry is a highly specialized one when it comes to people who are professionally trained to fix all makes and models. One of the most important components to ensuring you are getting quality service is knowing that the mechanics working on your equipment are following the manufacturer’s specs to perfection. While some forklifts need preventative maintenance every 500 hours, others might need it every 250, but only a trained professional understands the varying requirements of one model to the next.

Keeping Track

Unlike a car, no dashboard light comes on when your handling equipment needs preventative maintenance. It is up to the operator or owner to keep strict and updated information about operating hours and maintenance requirements. But as a business owner, you have enough on your already busy plate, which is why sometimes maintenance can fall by the wayside. At Ardent, we understand that it is easy to get caught up in the daily operations and fail to keep your eyes on maintenance and service needs. When you sign up to work with us, you won’t have to. We keep records on your fleet to inform you when your preventative maintenance is due. Once more, we contact you to schedule an appointment so you never have to worry about extending it too long and heading for a potential breakdown.

75-Point Check

Preventative maintenance isn’t just about changing the oil and filters; it is a way to inspect your handling equipment to make sure it is working in top shape, and also to ensure that there isn’t an issue lurking that you don’t know about. Ardent, performs a 75-point comprehensive inspection at your location that covers your equipment end to end. That old proverb “if it isn’t broken don’t fix it,” does not apply to the materials handling industry. Rather the saying is “if you don’t fix it, it will end up broken”. Preventative maintenance checks your equipment all the way around to ensure that you get the most out of your machinery investment.

Keeping You Compliant

OSHA has specific safety guidelines in place to limit workplace injuries and fatalities. Improperly working reverse lights, alerts, and other safety features are super important not just to keep everyone safe, but also so you don’t end with fines and penalties for noncompliance. Our preventative maintenance is also important because we comprehensively look to make sure that everything is in good working order, for the safety of your investment, and also for the people you employ!

No Hidden Surprises

One of the questions that we get a lot at Ardent is if we do find an issue, do we just repair it or do we give an estimate in writing so that the business owner can decide if they want service done before it is completed. We understand that business owners have to make decisions based on their needs, budgets, and bottom line. No matter what issues we find during our preventative maintenance appointment, we never perform any work without first writing a full estimate of work that needs to be done and then getting the customer’s approval. There are times when it makes sense for owners to hold off for a bit and others when it doesn’t, but that is your decision to make, not ours. We make recommendations, but the decisions are all yours!

Ardent is Here for You

At Ardent, we can’t stress the importance of preventative maintenance enough. You wouldn’t think to go over your car’s oil change, with so much invested in your materials handling equipment, it is an even worse decision to go over your manufacturer’s preventative maintenance recommendations. Let us take one thing off of your busy to-do list and sign up – we will make sure that your equipment never lapses and ends up costing you way more than when you are proactive. Once more, we make it as convenient as possible by coming to you.

Even with preventative maintenance, there might still be an occasion where you need repair services. At Ardent, we understand that downtime waiting for a repair service can take a toll on production, and in turn, your bottom line. We offer a four-hour guarantee for non-preventative maintenance type issues, so you can depend on us to be there when you need us most.

When you are ready, don’t just Google “forklift preventative maintenance near me,” these are just some of the reasons for choosing Ardent! Contact us to sign up today!

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