Clark CGC Series 40/50/55 IC-Cushion LPG Forklift

Models: CGC 40/50/55

Capacity: 8,000/10,000/12,000 lbs. (4,000/5,000/5,500 Kg)
Tires: Cushion
fuel: Internal Combustion (LPG, Diesel or Dual Fuel)

The CGC 40/50/55 series proudly adds to CLARK’s unique history of building the best forklifts with evolutionary steps in ergonomics, power, safety, durability and performance. These models, designed for distribution, manufacturing and warehousing of all types, all suited for the toughest applications.

  • Auto Shut Down
  • Single Speed Powershift Transmission on CGC40
  • Two Speed Powershift Transmission on CGC50/55
  • Copper Open-Core Radiator
  • Power Steering
Available Equipment
  • Mirrors
  • Sideshifters
  • Strobe lights
  • Backup alarm
  • Auxiliary valves
  • Rear work light
  • Turn signal lights
  • Hose adaptations
  • Convenience console
  • Combination stop/tail/back up lights
Hydraulic System

Maximum Horsepower

  • Uses a load-sensing flow control valve for steering to reduce horsepower loss and heat buildup

Optimum Performance of Attachments

  • The main hydraulic valve incorporates adjustable flow controls for tilt and auxiliary functions

Sectional Design

  • Allows for easy addition of extra functions and simplifies service

Upright Mounted Load Lowering Valve

  • Controlled lowering independent of engine speed
The Power Behind The Punch

Field-Proven 4.3L PSI – 4X LPG Engine

  • Computer controlled fuel system
  • Built for smooth operation
  • Hardened exhaust and intake valves provide long life

Keeping Uptime to a Maximum

  • System can be simply diagnosed using automotive-style malfunction light and fault codes

No Tools Required

  • In about 30 seconds you have access to the engine

EPA Compliant

  • Electronically controlled LP engine has low emissions
Braking System

Simple & Error Proof

  • Brakes are applied with a hydraulic servo-type power brake valve
  • Transmission disengages when parking brake is set preventing driving against brakes
  • Left pedal used for inching applications
One-piece Frame
  • Heavy duty, welded, and formed steel plate design protects from impact damage and extends the life of the truck
  • Tilt cylinders anchored with heavy frame structure
Additional Features
Next Generation Lift Trucks
Clark CGC Series 40/50/55 IC-Cushion LPG Forklift Walk-Around Outline
Clark ORS Safety Seats ErgonomicsOverhead Guard Clark Instrument Display Hood & Floorboards High Quality “Built to Last” Components Engine Clark H200 Transaxle Brakes Uprights and Carriages Steer Axles
Clark ORS Safety Seats
  • Full Suspension Vinyl and Cloth Seat
  • 6” fore and aft travel, adjustable back rest, 2.4” vertical travel
  • Operator weight range adjustability to 370#
  • Mid-Level hip restraints double as arm rests
  • Seat offset mounted 2” Left for better visibility around mast
  • Retractable Orange seat belt Std.
  • Perfect alignment to steering wheel, hydraulics, brake and accelerator
  • Two operator presence systems- will not allow trans to engage and will not allow hydraulics to engage unless operator is in seat.
  • 13.5” 3 spoke steering wheel with 3.5 turns lock to lock- (variable ratio steering)
  • Adjustable tilt steering column that pivots 38 degrees above knee
  • Electronic directional control with no linkage. Hi/Lo is selected by rocker switch on dash
  • Right lever operates turn signals and headlights
  • Low 17” step height for ease of entry
  • Removable steel traction plate that can be removed and cleaned
  • Large welded grab handles on each side for solid secure access from both sides
  • Cowl mounted hydraulic control levers that allows access from either side of truck and a completely comfortable operating position
  • Two pedal hydraulic inch brake provides excellent control and comfort
  • Foot engaged hand release park brake, disengages transmission when applied
  • Tilt Cylinders below floorboards on the CGC40-55 allowing very large floor area
  • Tilt Cylinders mounted overhead on the CGC60-70
Overhead Guard
  • Three piece overhead guard provides strength and durability and allows easy serviceability.
  • Longitudinal overhead bars for better sightline when load is up
  • Low cowl height for great visibility when load in lowered position
  • 2 Forward mounted 12 volt work lights with protective shields
  • Operator cell mounted on 4 rubber isolators that dampen vibration to operator
Clark Instrument Display
  • Very compact for better visibility
  • Audible warnings for low fuel, transaxle oil temp, parking brake and seat belt
  • Visual displays
  • Trans temp, Engine oil pressure, Engine Oil Temperature, Alternator charge indicator, Low LPG fuel gauge, Seat belt warning, turn signals, gear selection rocker arm, Air filter restriction indicator, Rocker arm for 2 speed operation (not on CGC40)
  • Fault codes accessible with a laptop or plug-in connector
Hood & Floorboards
  • All steel, easily removed hinged floorboard that can be removed with no tools
  • Full rubber floor mat for deadening of vibration and noise
  • 18” X 33” floorboards
  • 2 step- 1st step is only 17”- 2nd step is another 12”- overall floor height is only 29”
  • Easy lift clamshell hood made of durable reaction injection plastic
  • Hood latch is simple ///with no mechanical linkage to wear
  • Dual Gas assist struts
High Quality “Built to Last” Components
  • All Clark hardware is an oil impregnated zinc Di-chromate that will not rust
  • Clark incorporates all O-ring faced hydraulic seals for resistance to leakage
  • Clark also utilizes all environmentally sealed wire connectors
  • Can wash down truck with low pressure washer
  • Easy access to centralized automotive type fuse box, transmission and hydraulic fluid check points
  • GM 4.3L LPG engine with cast iron block and cast iron head provides 110 HP @ 2400
  • 4 Main bearing crankshaft with an internal balancer for vibration dampening
  • Hydraulic lifters that never need adjustment
  • Hardened faced valves and hardened valve seats for long life
  • Cast iron block and head for even heating and cooling between metals
  • Donaldson 2-stage air cleaner with restriction indicator
  • Optional speed limiting adjustable to 6, 7, or 8 MPH
  • Truck and Transaxle provide up to 5250 lbs. of draw bar pull
  • High water temp. low oil pressure, high trans temp. engine shutdown system standard
  • 453 Sq. In. Copper Open Core radiator standard
  • Can be removed without removing counter weight
  • Integral transmission oil cooler
  • High level sump breather
  • 7 blade high flow fan
  • Drum style park brake mounted on transmission input shaft for maximum holding power
Clark H200 Transaxle
  • Single speed on the CGC40
  • 2 Speed on the CGC50, 55, 60 and 70 (switch on the dash)
  • 8 Gallon per minute Charge pump with large surface area for oil cooling (pump-utilize-cool-filter-utilize)
  • Disc brake system with pads and rotors located inside axle housing
  • No brake fluid- hydraulic fluid system shares common oil with brakes
  • Constant filtration and cooling
  • Puck style design
  • No brake adjusters needed
  • Hi-temp “Viton” piston seals for longevity in high cycle applications
  • Easily accessible inspection ports
Uprights and Carriages
  • Clark designed nested I beam mast design
  • Originally designed in 1956
  • I beam is the strongest steel possible
  • 17” visibility window
  • Canted load rollers
  • Silent staging upright cylinders allows smooth transition from primary to secondary stages
  • Negative drop rails provide easy servicing of upright rollers
  • Spherical bushings on both ends of the tilt cylinders
  • 6 Roller carriages
  • External Side thrust rollers
  • Clark uses heavy duty chain that has 4 X 4 lacing with 1” pitch
  • Mast is pin mounted
  • No wear on axle housings
  • Fully grease able pivot points
  • Clark designed and built hang on side shifts
Steer Axles
  • Heavy Duty steer axle incorporates in integral double steer cylinder
  • Single piece steer knuckles supported by tapered roller bearings which provide high durability and low maintenance
  • Uses all Tapered roller bearings
  • Full hydrostatic operation reduces mechanical links and eliminates kick back
  • Mounted on rubber isolator


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