Clark ECX 20/25/30/32 36 or 48V Electric Narrow Lift Truck

Models: ECX 20/25/30/32

Capacity: 4000/5000 /6000/6500 lbs. (2000/2500/3000/3000 kg)
Tires: Cushion
fuel: Electric

The CLARK ECX series of electric lift trucks is the ideal choice for demanding manufacturing and distribution applications. Superior ergonomic design, operator comfort and safety and outstanding truck performance are backed by the oldest and most trusted name in lift trucks.

Proven Drive Axle


  • One-piece housing reduces the possibility of leaks.

Utilizes Durable Helical Gears

  • Provides smooth, quiet operation.
Rugged Cast Steer Axle

Maximum Protection

  • Offers maximum protection for the dual-action steer cylinder and fittings while still allowing easy access to the components.
Fully Adjustable/Programmable

A properly trained mechanic can completely customize parameters to operator’s preference such as acceleration rate, deceleration rate, maximum speed (separate forward and reverse).

Additional Features
Next Generation Lift Trucks
Clark ECX 20/25/30/32 36 or 48V Electric Narrow Lift Truck Walk-Around Outline
Ergonomics Motor Compartment Controller Drive Axle and Brakes Clark Designed Uprights Steer Axle Optional Equipment
  • CLARK Standard Vinyl full suspension ORS (operator restraint seat) with padded side hip restraints. Includes 6” fore and aft adjustment, 2.4 vertical travel, weight adjustments to #300 and 20 degree pivoting backrest
  • Retractable Orange Seat Belt is standard
  • Standard operator presence system that disables traction and hydraulics when operator leaves seat
  • Low 18-1/2” open step
  • Cowl mounted soft touch hydraulic levers allow easy entry from either side of truck
  • Welded steel entry grab bar for easy entry
  • Once piece cell design that eliminates many cracking points due to bolts and has longitudinal OHG bars for great visibility
  • Low cowl height for great sightlines to pallet in lowered position
  • Large unobstructed floorboard
  • Automotive style pedals
  • 3/16” thick anti-fatigue rubber floormat
  • 7 positions 38 degree steering that is 2” offset to left for visibility around mast
  • 13.75” steering wheel that provides 4- ½ turn lock to lock steering
  • Easy access left hand directional control
  • Foot operated ratchet style park brake
  • Hi Visibility LCD dash that displays fault codes
Motor Compartment
  • All motors are Class F Insulated and are thermally protected with 60 minute ratings
  • Completely sealed and brushless motor
  • High duty cycle (15 HP) Drive motor
  • Three forms of Regen Braking
    1) Pedal braking
    2) Accelerator release
    3) Plugging
  • Easily removable floorboards for quick access to compartment
  • Tunable hydraulics with no cartridges, can be tuned up to 10 GPM
  • Additional spool wiper that eliminates much contamination in normal environment
  • Quick connect pressure ports for convenient pressure checks
  • All O-Ring faced seal and zinc dichromate fittings are standard for less maintenance over the life of the truck
  • Large integral steel hydraulic tank for long life with no cracking
  • A/C pump control reduces battery consumption and noise
  • 100% ZAPI control system for both traction and pump motors
  • System completed enclosed within the counterweight with easy access
  • Stores up to 5 separate fault codes up to 99 times each
  • Provides consistent performance both loaded and unloaded (9.1 MPH empty and 8.5 MPH loaded) 36 volt
  • 11 MPH unloaded and 10.6 MPH loaded for 48 volts
  • Infinitely variable travel and lift speeds
  • Anti-roll back features
  • Curve cut-back features
  • Thermistors for long life
Drive Axle and Brakes
  • Clark Designed ED30 drive axle
  • Free floating axle so there is no need to remove axle to change out brakes
  • Helical cut gears for quiet operation
  • Automotive style high quality Akebono brakes that are self-energized and incorporate high quality adjusters
  • Large non-asbestos brake shoes
  • Clark Exclusive dust shield eliminates contamination
  • Inspection and adjustment openings
  • Single stage master cylinder that provide low pedal efforts
Clark Designed Uprights
  • Proven Clark Nested I-Beam mast design originally designed in 1956
  • Trunnion mounted with lock mechanism to prevent backing out
  • Heavy C-Channel outer rail with full I-Beam inner and intermediate rails
  • Provides maximum strength and tensional resistance
  • Canted load rollers
  • All bearings sealed for life
  • Hydraulic cushioning lift cylinders are standard for quiet smooth operation between stages
  • Has negative drop rails that allow carriage removal and load roller replacement without removing mast
  • Interchangeable masts between Gen II for greater parts commonality
  • Heavy duty steel 6 roller carriage with excellent sightlines to pallet or load
  • Clark manufactured hang on side shifter for low cost repair or replacement
  • Hi-Visibility load backrest with the Clark bolt protection system that prevents trailer and product damage
  • Spherical bushings on both ends of the tilt cylinders to allow endurance when operating with long loads
Steer Axle
  • Fully hydrostatic double acting steer cylinders encased in strong ductile steel for maximum protection from abuse
  • King pins and tapered roller bearings provide ruggedness and ease of service
  • Mounted on synthetic block to dampen shock to operator
  • 7 grease fittings on the axle alone
Optional Equipment
  • Arm rest fingertip controls
  • 2, 3 4 and 5 stage masts up to 312”
  • Clark hi visibility quad masts up to 276”
  • E or EE ratings
  • Drive in Drive thru OHG
  • Full light packages
  • Unitrol packages
  • Side battery removal
  • Cold storage packages
  • 36 or 48 volts


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