Clark ESX 12/15S/15/17/20/22/25 36 or 48V Electric Cushion Narrow Lift Truck

Models: ESX 12/15S/15/17/20/22/25

Capacity: 2,500/3,000/3,000/3,500/4,000/4,500/5,000 lbs. (1,250/1,500/1,500/1,750/1,815/2,050/2,270 Kg)
Tires: Cushion
fuel: Electric

Aisle space is always at a premium. So the 100% AC ECX is not only designed to be fast, energy efficient and inexpensive to operate, we also made sure that your operators can use the ECX to negotiate those tighter spaces. “Well-Engineered” would be an understatement, so let’s go with… “Tenacious”.

  • CLARK Designed Multi-functional Control Handle
  • Product Enhancement Package
  • Electro-hydraulic Fully Proportional Valve
  • Heavy Duty Drive Motors & Axles
  • 100% AC Motors
100% Ac Motors

Fewer Parts & Minimum Wear = Less Downtime and Cost = Higher ROI

  • Enclosed
  • Brushless
  • Thermal protection
  • Stall protection
  • Smart Lift Lock Out
  • One Motor for both Steering & Hydraulics.
Heavy Duty Drive Motors & Axles


  • Larger Motors mean Cooler Operation and Increased Efficiency. Rated for grades ≤ 15%.

Easily Accessible & Serviceable


CLARK Designed Control Handle

  • 3-function design allows simultaneous operation of (1) travel, (2) lift or lower AND (3) one other hydraulic function.

Integrated Mini-Thumbstick

  • Controls Tilt & Side Shift + Auxiliary functions
  • Two-Way Fork Leveling
Additional Features
Next Generation Lift Trucks
Clark ESX 12/15S/15/17/20/22/25 36 or 48V Electric Cushion Narrow Lift Truck Walk-Around Outline
Ergonomics Overhead GuardFloorboards High Quality “Built to Last” Components Motor and Electrical System Uprights and Carriages Options
  • True Multifunctional Control Handle. Same handle on the NPX
  • Three Function design allows simultaneous operation of travel, lift/lower and one other hydraulic function.
  • Integrated Mini-Thumb stick that controls tilt and sideshift plus auxiliary functions.
  • As part of the Productivity Enhancement Package, CLARK offers two-way fork leveling and controlled tilt above free lift
  • 60-degree operator compartment and controls from centerline. This offers the widest range of flexibility and visual confirmation.
  • Even with a low OHG height of 86.5” there is ample headroom for the operator.
  • Low effort steering tiller
Overhead Guard
  • Multi Piece OHG that provides strength and durability and easy access to most trailers.
  • Longitudinal overhead bars for better sightlines when load is extended up
  • Two rear posts add support to the OHG and helps objects from entering the operators compartment
  • Shock-absorbing rubber floor plate
  • Low step height of 7 1/2 “
  • Very low pedal effort
High Quality “Built to Last” Components
  • All Clark hardware is zinc Di-chromate plated.
  • Clark incorporates all O-ring faced hydraulic seals for resistance to leakage
  • Clark also utilizes all environmentally sealed wire connectors
  • Can wash down truck with low pressure washer
  • Enclosed Electromagnetic brakes. No master cylinder, No seals and no leaks.
  • 3/8” thick steel frame side plates
  • Assembled in Lexington KY
Motor and Electrical System
  • Proven drive axle with spiral-bevel and helical gear sets for quiet operation.
  • Drive axle has over 20 million proven field hours
  • External encoder bearing for ease of maintenance
  • All motors are fully enclosed so dust and moisture is not an issue
  • Same motor in UL “E” and “EE” models
  • All motors are equipped with a thermistor which constantly monitors temperature. Should the temperature approach the thermal limit, the control cuts back current. Pump system has proportional cut-back and traction is step function. Once motor temperature decreases, full power is automatically restored
  • High travel speeds both loaded and unloaded.
  • Top speed for ESX 12-20 set at 7.3 mph loaded and unloaded
  • Ramp start Feature- Control boosts voltage to motor producing higher starting torque. This allows operator to start loaded truck on ramp without rollback.
  • Anti-Roll Away Feature – If left unattended with the parking brake not set, but the key on, truck will slowly (about 1 mph) descend ramp regardless of directional lever position or truck orientation
  • Three forms of regenerative braking are standard. This allows for longer brake life.
  • Accurate speed control via encoder feedback. You can set different limits for forward and reverse
  • Steer potentiometer relays steer tire position to control. This control regulates speed and direction of both motors letting the truck turn a perfect circle.
  • 2-wheel drive (versus only one). This provides added traction, especially on wet or uneven surfaces
  • Low Noise Operation. The pump motor spins at 500 RPM to reduce steering noise
  • Use “silent” pump to further reduce steering/lift noise
  • Service and performance changes can be done by the Zappi handset or laptop
  • On the fly self-checking software.
Uprights and Carriages
  • Clark designed nested I beam mast design
  • Originally designed in 1956
  • I beam is the strongest steel possible
  • Canted load rollers
  • Silent staging upright cylinders allows no racking between stages
  • Negative drop rails provides easy and inexpensive servicing of carriage
  • Spherical bushings on both ends of the tilt cylinders
  • 6 Roller carriages
  • External Side thrust rollers
  • Clark uses heavy duty chain that has 4 X 4 lacing with 1” pitch
  • Clark load backrest pallet protection
  • Trunnion mounted mast similar to GEN II units
  • Fully greaseable pivot points
  • Clark designed and built hang on side shifters
  • Side Shifters
  • Operating Lights
  • Strobes
  • Travel Alarms
  • Solid Pneumatic Drive Tires
  • Cushion type non-marking, lug and polyurethane drive tires
  • Cold and Freezer packages
  • U.L. type EE construction
  • Over Head Guard for Drive in Racking


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