Clark GEX 20/25/30/30s/32 80V Electric Pneumatic Forklift

Models: GEX 20/25/30/30s/32

Capacity: 4,000/5,000/6,000/6,500 lbs. (2,000/2,500/3,000/3,000 kg)
Tires: Pneumatic
fuel: Electric

In the past, one truck would be used for outdoor applications and another truck would be used for indoor warehousing. Now one GEX can handle both environments, leaving you with the thought… two “hands” aren’t always better than one.

  • Single Aux Valve
  • Vinyl Full Suspension Seat
  • Hydrostatic Power Steering
  • Power Reversing Drive Motors
  • Wet Disc Brakes
Heavy Duty Ac Drive Motors & Axles

Fewer Parts & Minimum Wear = Less Downtime and Cost = Higher ROI

  • Enclosed
  • Brushless
  • Thermal protection
  • Stall protection
  • Suitable for wet applications
  • Dual/powered reversing for tight turns
  • Same motors for E & EE
Regen & Wet Disc Brakes

Three Forms of Regen Brake

  • Accelerator release (Proportional to accelerator position)
  • Change of direction (Proportional to accelerator position)
  • Service brake.(Foot Brake)

Wet Disc Brakes

  • Enclosed and oil cooled for smooth, quiet operation.
  • Built with long life lining material.
  • Less downtime.
80 Volt 100% Ac System

High Performance

  • Rivals IC truck performance in speed, acceleration and gradeability.

More Efficient System

    • Higher Voltage = Lower Line Loss & Heating = Greater Efficiency

Better Suited to Fast/Rapid Charge

        • Only requires one receptacle via single battery connector.

More Battery Capacity

      • GEX20/25/30s can accommodate 50 kwh battery.
      • GEX30/32 can accommodate 62 kwh battery.
Additional Features
Next Generation Lift Trucks
Clark GEX 20/25/30/30s/32 80V Electric Pneumatic Forklift Walk-Around Outline
Ergonomics Interactive Dash DisplayEasy Access Clamshell Hood Motors and Controllers Performance Hydraulic System Beam Mast and Carriage Brakes Turn Steer Axle Optional Equipment Available
  • Operators Compartment designed for 95% of all operators
  • CLARK ORS- operator’s restraint seat
  • Improved Seat switch
  • Accommodates operators up to 370 lbs.
  • Orange seat belts standard
  • Seat offset 2” to left to provide great sightlines thru and around mast
  • Hood mounted Levers Standard
  • Flip forward hydraulic levers that offers easy access to battery compartment
  • Ratchet style park brake with traction interrupt
  • Clipboard and cup holder are standard
  • Low Profile Frame
  • Automotive Style Pedals
  • Wide Brake Pedal
  • Full Rubber Mat for Safety and Comfort
  • Drop down battery box design allows for a 16.7” step height l. Steel removable skid plate for safe access with no slippage m. 12.75” steering wheel with 4 turn lock to lock control n. Rear horn button located on rear OHG leg is standard equipment
Interactive Dash Display
  • Colored TFT type LCD Display
  • Excellent image quality
  • Battery State of Charge
  • 10 Icons, each 10% of charge.
  • At 20% the lift system locks out, at 10% icon flashes.
Easy Access Clamshell Hood
  • Easy Open No Latch Hood
  • No Bolt Removable Floorboard
  • Complete and easy access to battery compartment
  • One Piece Formed Steel Hood for Strength
  • Dual Gas Struts provide full support to hood when opened
  • Full Schematic drawings on inside of hood
  • SB160 Black Connector
  • Seat Switch
Motors and Controllers
  • 80-volt system provides maximum KW power
  • Dual Schaubmueller 7.9 K.W. (10.5 HP) drive motors
  • Totally enclosed induction motors
  • No Fans needed for cooling
  • All controllers located in compartment on top of counterweight for ease of access and service
  • No Brushes- low maintenance- routine brush changes eliminated
  • Anti-Roll away feature
  • Stall Protection- and all features of other CLARK AC units
  • High Acceleration Rates
  • High thermal capacity and excellent torque output
  • Thermally protected
  • The motor is equipped with a thermistor which constantly monitors temperature. Should the temperature approach the thermal limit, the control cuts back current
  • Plug-in type speed sensor can be replaced without removing motor from the truck
  • Fast Travel Speeds
  • GEX20-25 = 9.7 mph loaded, 10.3 mph empty
  • GEX30 = 9.4 mph loaded, 10.3 mph empty
  • Acceleration Rate equal or better than IC models
  • Truck demos very well against IC models.
  • Strong draw bar pull allows GEX trucks to climb grades of over 30%. This is equal to or better than IC trucks
  • Indoor/Outdoor truck
Hydraulic System
  • Steel Sump Tank
  • Better heat dissipation.
  • Full Flow Filtration
  • Fluid from lowering upright flows through filter.
  • Suction Strainer
  • Traps large particles, keeping them from flowing through the system.
  • Low Noise Hydraulic Pump which also offers better efficiency
Beam Mast and Carriage
  • Anti-rattle Upright
  • Shims added to reduce rattle when forks are close to ground.
  • Silent Staging – Both lift and lower
  • Negative drop rails
  • Special machining on lift cylinders creates shock-absorber effect to reduce product damage.
  • 6 Roller Carriage Design for long life and stability
  • External side thrust rollers
  • CLARK built hang-on S/S
  • CLARK 48” high load backrest equipped with the Bolt Protection System to prevent damage to trailers and product
  • 23 X 9-10 solid pneumatic drive tires provide solid operation and 5.3” of ground clearance
  • Pin mounted design that prevents axle damage and is fully greaseable for proper maintenance and long life
  • Filtered Wet Disc Brakes with 3 years 10,000 hour warranties
  • Self-Adjusting and built with long life lining material
  • Three forms of regenerative braking are standard:
    o Service brake (foot brake)
    o Change of direction (proportional to accelerator position)
    o Accelerator release (proportional to accelerator position)
Turn Steer Axle
  • Pivot point is centered between drive wheels.
  • Tightest possible turning radius
  • On GEX25 this means a 93.2” R.A.S. This is only 2.5” longer than an ECX25
  • Power Reversing Dual Drive Motors
  • Inside wheel reverses direction in full turn.
  • Two-wheel drive, not one.
  • Will not drag or scuff steer tires like typical 4-wheeler
Optional Equipment Available
  • Fingertip controls on full featured armrest
  • Quad Masts
  • Full featured cabs that can include heaters
  • Side battery removal with electronic interlock
  • Fork positioning
  • Cold storage
  • Very low-cost EE rating
  • Unitrol
  • Special Paint colors


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