Clark SE15T/17T/20T/25T 3-Wheel Electric Forklift

— Manufacturing, Warehousing, Bottling & Shipping/Receiving

Models: SE15/17/20/25T

Capacity: 3,000 / 3,500 / 4,000 / 5,000 lbs. (1,360 / 1,588 / 1,814 / 2,268 kg)
Tires: Cushion
fuel: Electric

CLARK continues to drive the material handling industry forward by designing and developing lift truck solutions for just about every situation. Our new S-SERIES Three-Wheel Electric lift truck extends our legacy with a SMART – STRONG – SAFE lift truck that meets the challenging and changing needs of our customers. Once you’ve tried this next generation of lift truck, you’ll understand why CLARK forklifts are “Built to Last” and why our customers return to the brand time and again.


Advanced electric steering on the SE15-25T minimizes operator fatigue and increases efficiency. Powerful 36V and 48V batteries provide a higher battery output efficiency than ever before. The Zapi ACE-2 new generation of controllers allows the operator to have greater insight on life cycles. And, with 11 configurations availble, this truck is sure to fit your needs.


Today’s working environments demand a STRONG lift truck, and the SE15-25T provides reliable strength through several key design features. The full welded, heavy gauge frame provides a strong, stable base for the lift truck, while the all-new staggered nested I-beam upright provides the strength and reliability you count on when lifting heavy loads. With an integral side-shifting carriage, the SE15-25T retains all of its capacity to 188”.


The ergonomically designed operator compartment promotes greater operator comfort and efficiency, as fatigued operators are more likely to make a costly mistake. The self-activating parking brake automatically engages when the operator leaves the seat, preventing the forklift from rolling forward or backward. The integrated speed-limit control when turning helps provide additional stability to the truck, and the optional rear-view camera displays crisply on the dash display, giving operators greater visibility when moving in reverse.

Additional Features
Next Generation Lift Trucks
Clark SE15T/17T/20T/25T 3-Wheel Electric Forklift Walk-Around Outline
Advanced Ergonomics Solid and VersatileAdvanced Componentry Low Cost of Ownership
Advanced Ergonomics

Adjustable full-suspension seat, low step height with grab bar handle, and spacious operator compartment provide a more comfortable experience for the operator. The hood-mounted levers are perfectly positioned and ergonomically designed for ease of use. And, the adjustable steer column allows for greater flexibility for the operator.

Solid and Versatile

The staggered and nested I-Beam upright allows for a shorter right-angle stack to help reduce lost loads, and to increase strength, stability, and visibility. The SE15-25T also boasts one of the tightest turning radii in the industry for indoor and narrow aisle applications, allowing for greater flexibility in narrow aisles. Finally, the carriage and roller design helps keep forks level and reduces carriage twist, ensuring your SE15-25T will be Built to Last.

Advanced Componentry

The interactive Smart Dash allows operators to have greater control and understanding of the lift truck’s operation, with audible and visible warnings and password protection allowing operators to make changes directly on the dash. The SE15-25T also comes standard with three performance modes to accommodate your application: Economy, Standard, and Power mode. And, with direct integration with several pieces of optional equipment, the Smart Dash puts the control of your lift truck at your operators’ fingertips.

Low Cost of Ownership

The fully enclosed drive, lift, and steer motors prevent dirt and debris from entering the engine, reducing downtime, and leading to lower maintenance costs and a higher ROI. The all-electric braking system has no brake pads to wear down or fluids to check or leak. The electric steering allows for less overall energy consumption, leading to longer battery life. And, the electro-mechanical parking brakes, drive motors, and drive axles can be serviced without removing the upright, allowing for quick service.


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