Clark SSX 12/16/18 24V Electric Pallet Jack / Pallet Stacker

Models: SSX 12/16/18

Capacity: 2,500 lbs. (1,200 kg) 3,500 lbs. (1,600 kg) 4,000 lbs. (1,800 kg)
Tires: Polyurethane
fuel: Electric

Highly Maneuverable, Easily Serviceable, Broadly Flexible, Extremely Dependable

Rugged and reliable the new CLARK SSX stacker series forklift trucks offer superior controllability and excellent visibility. Offering high-speed operation to help increase productivity and profit while at the same time helping to improve operator safety. Now maintenance has been made easier than ever with fewer components. For increased performance, count on the new SSX stacker from CLARK.

  • Adjustable Outriggers
  • Electromagnetic Brake
  • Load Back Rest
  • Battery Discharge Indicator
  • 24 Volt
Electromagnetic Brake
  • No master cylinder, no seals, no hydraulic fluids mean no leaks.
  • Brake engages with handle in the up or down position.
  • Parking brake automatically applied when the truck is at rest.
Drive Motor
  • CLARK AC design drive motor has no brushes to change, reducing operating costs. The motor has thermal protection built in which will reduce performance if over heating were to occur.
Hydraulic System
  • The Integral Power Pack inclusive of pump motor, hydraulic tank and valve, keeps the system compact and reduces services requirements.
Additional Features
Next Generation Lift Trucks
Clark SSX 12/16/18 24V Electric Pallet Jack / Pallet Stacker Walk-Around Outline
Standard Equipment Available EquipmentOperator Handle
Standard Equipment
  • Adjustable Outriggers
  • Electro Magnetic Brake
  • Load Back Rest
  • Hour Meter
  • Safety Plexiglass Guard
  • AC Drive Motor
Available Equipment
  • Side shifter
  • Smart Travel Alarm
  • Creep Speed Switch
  • Key Pad with User Code
  • Wire Mesh Mast Guard
  • Welded Outriggers
Operator Handle
  • Ergonomic design with the operator in mind. High strength plastic to protect against impact damage.
  • Optional Key pad with 4 digit passcode for operator access. Through the keypad, truck speed and acceleration can be adjusted to meet the application or operator preference.


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