Clark WPX45 24V Electric Pallet Jack / Pallet Stacker

Models: WPX 45

Capacity: 4,500 lbs. (2,040 kg)
Tires: Polyurethane
fuel: Electric

WPX…The foundation of the CLARK Powrworker® line continues to set the standard for rugged dependability since its introduction as the industry’s first hydraulically powered low-lift in 1920.

  • Enclosed AC Traction Motor and Control
  • 48″ x 27″ Forks
  • AC Control
  • 24 Volt
  • Two Forms of Regenerative Braking
Available Equipment
  • Cold conditioning
  • Rubber lug drive tire
  • Fork entry rollers
  • Load Back Rest — 48” or 60”
  • Fork Widths — 18” or 21” available
  • Fork lengths — 36”, 42”, 48”*, or 60” available (*standard)
  • 8” or 9” battery compartment available depending on battery type (8” for AGM. 9” for wet cell or industrial)
Ac Motor/Control

24-Volt AC Inverter

  • Travel control with matching drive motor provides high performance throughout the entire speed range.

Travel Speed

  • Remains constant relative to throttle position regardless of load – neutral braking offers predictable performance.

Additional Features

  • Separately fused power control circuits, quick disconnect EPD power cut off, hour meter / battery discharge indicator combination gauge and lift lock out complete the system.
Brake Design

Electromagnetic Brake

  • Mounted on the motor armature shaft multiplying the braking power through the transmission.

Top-Mounted Brake

  • Design keeps brake away from dirt and debris.
  • Parking brake is automatically applied when truck stops or when handle is released.
  • System features anti-roll back and neutral braking.
Additional Features
Next Generation Lift Trucks
Clark WPX45 24V Electric Pallet Jack / Pallet Stacker Walk-Around Outline
Pallet Entry/Exit Lifting Mechanism/UndercarriageErgonomic Steer/Control Handle
Pallet Entry/Exit

Easy Pallet Access

  • Fork construction and pallet entry slides allow easy pallet entry by lifting the fork up and over bottom board.
Lifting Mechanism/Undercarriage


  • Fully adjustable pull rods and torsion bar extend operating life in delivery truck and
    dock use applications.

Ease of maintenance

  • Eight easily accessible grease points.
Ergonomic Steer/Control Handle

Solid steel tubing

  • Solid steel tubing arm and handle designed to outlast cast aluminum or plastic designs.

Operator Control

  • Handle offers travel, lift and lower functions all accessible without the operator having to lift a hand from the handle.

Angle grips

  • Designed to allow easy operation with either hand.

Wrap around steel guard

  • Reversing switch, thumb control, lift buttons, and horn
    are standard.

Minimum steering effort

  • Low mounted tiller arm offers excellent operator comfort.

Gas assisted spring handle

  • Gently returns handle to vertical position.

Crawl speed function

  • With the steer handle at 5o back-tilt from vertical position operator has ease of use in tight areas.


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