Clark GEX 40/45/50 Electric Pneumatic Forklift

— Indoor/Outdoor Manufacturing, Warehousing & Shipping/Receiving

Models: GEX 40/45/50

Capacity: 8,000 / 9,000 / 10,000 lbs (4,000 / 4,500 / 5,000 kg)
Tires: Pneumatic
fuel: Electric

In the past, one truck would be used for outdoor applications and another truck would be used for indoor warehousing. Now one GEX can handle both environments, leaving you with the thought… two “hands” aren’t always better than one.

Upright & Carriage

Maximum Visibility

Nested I-channel allows space for cylinders, hoses and chains

Hydraulic Cushioning Valve

Silent staging reduces shock and vibration

Shimmable, Sealed & Canted Rollers

Carriage has 6 rollers to maximize load distribution and reduce free play

Stable Platform

Low Center of Gravity

CLARK moved back the steer axle, dropped the battery compartment and moved all major components lower

Curve Cutback

Reduces truck travel speed in turns

Wide Stance

Provides excellent lateral stability

Powered Reversing Drive Motors

2-Wheel Drive

Provides added traction, especially on wet or uneven surfaces

Will Not Scuff Tires

Inside wheel power reverses in tight turns preventing scuffing of steer tires like conventional 4-wheel trucks

Hall Effect Steer Sensor

Relays steer tire position to control

Additional Features
Next Generation Lift Trucks
Clark GEX 40/45/50 Electric Pneumatic Forklift Walk-Around Outline
Regen & Wet Disc Brakes Drive Motors & Axles LCD Dash Display 80 Volt 100% AC System
Regen & Wet Disc Brakes

Three forms of Regenerative Braking

  • Accelerator release (Proportional to accelerator position)
  • Change of direction (Proportional to accelerator position)
  • Service brake (Foot brake)

Wet Disc Brakes

  • Enclosed and oil cooled for smooth, quiet operation
  • Built with long life lining material
  • Less downtime
Drive Motors & Axles

Fewer Parts & Minimum Wear = Less Downtime

  • Enclosed, brushless
  • Thermal and stall protection
  • Dual/powered reversing for tighter turns
  • Suitable for Wet Applications
  • Same motors for E & EE
LCD Dash Display

Fully Adjustable/Programmable

The operator can select from 4 pre-set performance modes

Alarm Codes

Indicates the current alarm code and stores previous alarm codes for quick access

Password Protected

Certain adjustments can be password protected to allow only authorized operators to make adjustments

80 Volt 100% AC System

High Performance

Rivals IC truck performance in speed, acceleration and gradeability

More Efficient System

Higher voltage = lower line loss & heating = greater efficiency

Better Suited to Rapid Charge

Only requires one receptacle via single battery connector

Increased Battery Capacity

GEX 40/45/50 can accommodate 72 kwh battery


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