Clark OSX 24 or 36V Narrow-Aisle Electric Order Selector Picker

Models: OSX15

Capacity: 3,000 lbs. (1,360 kg)
Tires: Polyurethane
fuel: Electric

Faster acceleration, quicker lifting and energy saving components will change the way you run your warehouse. Outstanding truck performance, lower maintenance and parts costs, fewer service requirements, operator comfort, and energy efficiency combined to achieve maximum productivity.

  • 100% AC Drive
  • Hydraulic Motors
  • Fully Proportional Lift & Lower
  • 24 or 36 Volt
  • 4 Point Operator Stance
Infinitely Variable Lift/Lower
  • Allowing the operator to easily position the operator platform both when lifting and lowering gives the operator excellent control and promotes optimum productivity.
Fully Adjustable/Programmable
  • A properly trained mechanic can completely customize parameters to Operator’s Preference such as Acceleration Rate and Travel Speeds (separate Forward and Reverse).
Wide Range Pallet Clamp
  • Accommodates a wide range of pallet stringer widths. Unlike some competitive units that require the choice of one size clamp or the other, our standard clamp will handle stringers up to 5” wide for increased flexibility and convenient, efficient pallet handling.
Additional Features
Next Generation Lift Trucks
Clark OSX 24 or 36V Narrow-Aisle Electric Order Selector Picker Walk-Around Outline
Drive Axle MaintenanceController Clark Designed Upright Hydraulic System Standard Equipment Optional Equipment
Drive Axle
  • Fixed Motor Design
    a. Motor does not Move and Keeps Cables from Moving
  • Helical and Hypoid Gear Sets
    a. Higher Strength or Longer Life
    b. Better Contact for Lower Noise
  • Extended Life Lubricant
    a. Change first fluid at 250 Hours and then every 2,000 hours with Conventional Oil or 15,000 Hours with CLARK approve Synthetic Oil
  • Two Stage Electro- Magnetic Parking Brake
    a. Depending on travel speed, the control will apply stage 1, stage 2 or both stages when the operator presence switch is open
    b. Manual Release Option in Case Truck Loses Power and needs to be Moved
  • Easily Removable Cover
  • Complete Access to Service truck even in Isle
  • Easy Access to Battery
    a. Cutouts for Watering System
    b. Access to Top of the Battery
  • Bolt on Front Access Plate for Drive/ Steer Tire Replacement in Field
  • Hook Cutouts on the Front of the Frame
  • Easy Access to Hydraulic Tank
  • Thermally Protected Zapi Controllers
  • Sealed Controllers to Protect from Moisture, Dust and Contaminates
  • Stores up to 5 separate fault codes up to 99 times each
  • Provides consistent performance both loaded and unloaded (7.5 MPH empty and 7.5 MPH loaded) on 24 and 36 Volt
  • Infinitely variable travel and lift speeds
  • Anti-roll back features
  • Curve cut-back features
  • Thermistors for long life
Clark Designed Upright
  • Proven Clark Nested I-Beam mast design originally designed in 1956
  • Great Visibility to Fork Tips
  • Anti- Rattle Upright
  • Massive Top Tie Bar for Stability
  • Cradle Mounter Upright for Easy Removal
  • Side Thrust Roller for Side to side Stability on Platform
  • All bearings sealed for life
  • Hydraulic cushioning lift cylinders are standard for quiet smooth operation between stages
  • Lift Speeds are Reduced when Lifting for Operator Safety
Hydraulic System
  • External Gear Pump
    a. Very High Efficiency
    b. Longer Life due to Steel on Steel versus Steel on Aluminum Wear Points
    c. Much harder to Damage with Pressure Spike
  • Electro- Hydraulic Valve
    a. Sealed Coils
    b. Common Coil used on other CLARK Models
  • Chain Slack Valve
    a. Eliminates Free Falling Mast Should Forks get Hung Up and Chains go Loose
  • Minimal Drift on Lift Spool
    a. Poppet Valve used to Create Near Zero Drift on Lift
  • Manual Release Valve to Lower Platform with No Power
  • Full Flow Filtration with 100 Micron Hydraulic Filter
  • 10 Micron Suction Strainer
Standard Equipment
  • 24 Volt with 375SB- Red Connector
  • 100% A/C Traction and Lift
  • Interactive LCD Dash Display
  • Electronic Power Steering with Auto Centering
  • Pallet Clamp (1.25” to 5” Range)
  • Swing up Side Hinge Gates
  • Fully Proportional Lift and Lower
  • Upright Cushioning- Raised and Lowered
  • 2- Stage Electromagnetic Brake
  • 27” Deep x 39.5” Wide Standard Platform
  • 40” OAW Outriggers
  • Tandem Articulating Load Wheels
  • Tempered Safety Glass Windshield
  • Amber Strobe Light
  • UL “E” Rating
  • Clip Board Holder
  • Left Side Grab Bar
  • Operator Storage Compartment
  • Body Harness and Energy Absorbing Lanyard
  • 14.2” x 38.3” x 32.7” Nominal Battery Compartment
Optional Equipment
  • 36 Volt with SB350 Gray Connector
  • Operator Fans with Reading/ Rear Work Light
  • Side Facing Lights
  • Forward Facing Lights
  • Side Gate Disable Switches
  • 12 Volt Converter to Power Accessories
  • Freezer Package
  • Lift Limit with Override (Via ESQ)
  • UL “EE” Construction
  • Guide Rollers (Via ESQ)
  • Wire Guidance
  • Wire Mesh Guard for Freezer Applications
  • Retractable Tether
  • Wider Outriggers and Platforms
  • Siped Poly Drive Tire
  • Additional Nominal Battery Compartments to fit Competitive Battery Sizes


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