Maintenance & Warranty Programs - Personalized Plans to Fit Your Needs

Warranty Options

Ardent Industrial Equipment offers efficiency through maintenance and warranty plans so you can focus on your primary business instead of your equipment. Having a well-maintained and operational fleet will help to improve your overall productivity because you will experience fewer breakdowns, increased trade-in values and maintained warranties.

It will also improve your equipment budgeting through fixed and reliable monthly maintenance costs and enhanced safety through placing your lift truck maintenance in the hands of trained, experienced and expert professional Ardent technicians.

Material Handling Equipment Rentals

Ardent Equipment offers a wide range of material handling equipment for rent. Whether you’re looking for forklifts, forklift attachments, scissor lifts or any other material handling equipment, you can count on Ardent.

Forklifts range from 3,000-50,000 pounds of capacity. Cushion and Pneumatic tire units available with either internal combustion and electric fuel systems.

Material Handling Equipment Rentals

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Warranties Available for Both New and Pre-Owned Equipment

At Ardent, we offer maintenance plans to ensure optimal performance with minimal downtime. And our warranty plans provide peace of mind knowing that you will experience fewer unexpected and not budgeted breakdowns that can affect your bottom line. These warranties apply to both new and pre-owned equipment.

Why Renting may be a good option for you

Sometimes investing in owning equipment is either not a viable solution or a cost-conscious one. Renting your material handling equipment either for the short-term, long-term, or rent-to-own is a much better solution.

Ardent Industrial Equipment offers customizable solutions to fit your unique needs

We work closely with our clients to find a personalized and custom plan to fit their fleet.

Some of the options available to suit include:

  • New Truck Extended Warranties
  • Used Truck Extended Warranties
  • New and Used Total Maintenance Plans
  • Labor Only Plans
  • Parts Only Plans
  • Condition Monitoring
  • Planned Maintenance Agreements (PM)
  • Fleet Management

Major Repairs are not Your Problem

Although you are responsible for the daily maintenance to keep the equipment functioning properly, should a major mechanical failure occur, the problem and cost of repairs are not your responsibility.

Short or Long-Term

Not all projects require the same type of equipment or capacity. With our short or long-term rentals, you determine how long you need it and only pay for that period without a long-term commitment. And should you decide that you like the way that the equipment performs and want to purchase it, we also have a rent-to-own option.

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In-House and Partner Finance Leasing Programs - Personalized Financing Customized to Suit Your Needs

Features and Upgrades forklifts

Try It Out Before You Decide

Often, different manufacturers and brands have various features and upgrades. The best way to know what materials handling equipment will be your best buy is to try it out for a while to see if it will suit your needs. By renting from us, you can fine-tune your search before you go to the expense of buying. Or, if you rent our machine and decide that it is what you need, then you can either purchase it, or you can switch to a rent-to-own situation.

Seasonal Business

If you don’t need equipment year-round, it can be a waste to purchase, let it sit idle, pay for the cost of maintenance and depreciation, and take up warehousing space. For businesses that only operate certain functions at different times of the year, renting is a cost-effective solution that is not only easier; it saves money.

New Business

Some new business start-ups are risky, and they can require overhead costs that might not be within budget. When opening a business, renting your materials handling equipment can ensure that you aren’t overspending and starting deep in the red. When your business is profitable and well-established, you can reinvest by either buying new or used.